I am a doppelganger. I want to kill my double.

Many people assume this is how most of us are, but that just isn’t true. If they die, we die. Most of us don’t want that. We tend to avoid our double entirely, if we can. A few bad eggs just spoiled the bunch, you know?

I’m in a situation where my double wants to kill a lot of people. She wants to kill the woman I love. That we love. I can’t ignore this.

Faeries are incredibly hard to kill. I’m going to need a lot of help, even with most of her magical strength and some of my own. I’m going to have to tell somebody. Very few of us have done that before. Doppelgangers have slid into myths and legends. Scary stories of the few that wanted to die so badly they would kill someone else to accomplish that.

I hope to whatever gods are there that someone believes me before it’s too late.

part of a story i guess

I walked outside of the old hut I had been taking my magic classes in, my head pounding from the day’s lessons. Offensive magic has always exhausted me. I was looking forward to meeting with my friends. As much as I hated to admit it, I was jealous that they were excused from this.

It was supposedly because neither of them were suited for fighting, but I had my doubts about that. Umami has always been very temperamental, and has used his powers to fight before. Even if they weren’t meant to be used that way, they obviously could be. And with Lily, well, she could do just about everything else. Why not this too? Why did I have to take this class?

I thought about this while I trudged to our usual meeting place at the park. As I approached our usual table, I saw that both of them were already there. Already at it, too.

"I don’t care how important your DADDY is. You’re still not allowed to just attack my trees like that!" Lily growled. Umami put his nose up at her. "It’s just some dumb trees. I only broke one branch. I don’t see what your problem is." Lily narrowed her eyes further, leaning over the table. "My PROBLEM is that you’re messing up hours of gardening work because you’re too STUPID to contain yourself when you’re walking by my house!"

They went on like this for a few minutes. I watched them argue about the tree, their families, and just about everything else. They finally noticed me a few minutes later, when they seemed to get bored of arguing back and forth. Lily sat up and waved at me. “Oh, Rebecca! How were your classes?” I laughed a little. “Exhausting. I had offensive classes today. I don’t know why Cliff thinks I’m cut out for this.”

Umami snickered. “Maybe it’s your giant man-hands. Or the way you stomp around all the time.” He bust a gut at that last bit. I laugh along. “Makes about as much sense as anything else I can come up with. Who knows?”

story idea

story about a plant-faerie’s doppelganger

the faerie is vain and rude and selfish. the doppelganger is p. much the opposite. the faerie sets out on a quest with 2 friends to find great magical powers. doppelganger shadows her.

doppelganger falls in love with one friend, friend returns feelings eventually. friend is blind and eventually suspects shit’s going on b/c they act fucking different. other friend can see “auras” (in the story this means a visible part of the soul that lingers just outside the body) and immediately suspects something.

faerie takes advantage of friend’s feelings and endangers her & other friend. gf is suspicious of faerie and other friend is suspicious of both. other friend eventually confronts faerie and faerie kills him by strangling him w/ vines.

doppelganger eventually finds out that faerie has killed other friend. also finds out faerie is trying to obtain these powers, trying to obtain godhood, to kill & consume all non-plant creatures to make herself a forest to rule over. gf begins to suspect things but is blindly in love and follows faerie.

doppelganger will die if faerie dies. she eventually decides that that has to happen, and at this point gf has to die to, to save the world.